"Open Bars" (2010)

by Manifest

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released February 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Manifest Centreville, Virginia

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Track Name: It's Over Now
i'm backstroking in a world of illusions
where i normally choose to step over the booth
once in a blue moon, so interluding
this institution is sin pollution since the movement and its principles were loosened
all this to say introducing..
open bars receives you wit open arms
when you thought that hope was far, it's so bizarre
it's where the broken are, smoke cigars in slow mo as the backdrop
a sleek grand piano is the mascot, topped with lyrical jackpots
but what it does for you? ask not. just find out.
improve your odds playa with bigger bets like pai gow
this album is a freezing cold welch's grape soda when you're done soldier
a bowl of pho when you're hungover
a jazzy hip-hop fusion intrusion breakin the rumors
it's the matrix wake-up, your make-up remover
you love the rappers that be scratching the surface until their nails come off
when i be hearing that i'm like "what else is on?" i'm going in
you thought i was running my poems thin, and my glow was dim
but you believed in me, the truth i sewed it in
they judge me now and then, assuming who i am, but who are u?
man shouldn't judge another man it'll only ruin you
i told you what my focus was since '06, revealed it twice in both discs
but still your hearts be looking like a closed lid
so open up before your hope is up, i'm spilling bars from a broken cup
i'll say it all before the notebook's shut
Track Name: Suavé (ft. JL, C-Note, & Lyricks)
From the get go, from the ready get set go,
i love hiphop, you know I'll never let go (let go)
any tempo, switch it up from fast to slow
i got them bars, you know it's so official

(1st verse)
We back again what's poppin? fresher than summer breezes
you thought u had it locked but you didn't know i'm a locksmith
i'm levitatin the game like david blaine, got more time than flava flav
keep it real, filet mignon on paper plates

how could you ever touch me, my style is so replenished
korea born, philly raised, and now Virginia blended
tippy toeing over the steppin stones and metronomes
learning my self control, till i'm walkin on the velvet floor

the seven 0 3's what i'm reppin if we met before, please
let me know so i don't skip you like i'm steppin on leaves
try to ostracize my entourage a thousand times
I'm not surprised with your disguise you couldn't doubt the fire

this is way suave, aint no child's play, do not hate
can't enter my game, it's too way beyond late, do not chase
check-a-check my fresh, more designs to press I promise
so test this artist man I need that separate office


(Last verse)
open bars the title, crossed my mind we're lost and often idle
even on vinyl when we forgetting the truth recital,
this is deeper than Manifest, Peter Kang
and even through the making of this project i am positive i see His hands

while y'all are swaggin we suave'in, trying to be nonchalant
but i'm just confident, it's not a lie u know He has to be sovereign
half of these artists they happen to happily pamper the market
but i know the truth to that we stickin like a starfish
Track Name: My Way (ft. Lyricks)
Straight hustlin the rap game like G's do cane
i just did it my way i don't care what you say
i'm my own genre, so to the rest sayanara
i lay it down smooth like some creme brulee
I dabble in and out of the secular realm
on the regular, Mani's a fan of befriendin the unfamiliar
million lives yes alive but a million "dead"
so misled i can tell by lookin in they eyes
No disguise needed i'm a bonafide rhyme nine milimeter
not a bad thing if u bleeding
let me neutralize you.. to the bar hoppers:
come and take a shot of this liquidized truth
Representin camp ill caught up in the cycle
different kinda soldier, i function as a light bulb
haters are like aviators blockin the light
but i can still penetrate, turn 'em into shutter shades

*Why go with the rest of the crowd?
Why flow with a similar sound?
Y'all can do it like that but ima do it my way, my way (2x)

I bet you in this world there's a Rick that raps
another Lyricks with his writtens in his knapsack
halfway across the world the place where he naps at
yo Mani, we should really get our stuff ASCAP'd
"Whatever happened to Stack?" when people ask that
creative differences my answer and that's that
no last laugh or bitterness, both of us passed that
"do what you do, God bless". That was our last chat
Maybe I was wrong, shoulda got the fast cash
get the jewels and the bling and started to flash that
shockwave my website, get him to flash that
but don't write lyrics, lyricks he asked that
What? freezeframe, i had to reconsider
do i retain integrity or become bigger
bigger for what? for who, for me? cuz if it's really for me?
Ima do it my way, you'll see like...

*Why go with the rest of the crowd?
Why flow with a similar sound?
Y'all can do it like that but ima do it my way, my way (2x)

I feel this game's a changin'
Everything's been rearrangin'
Why is everybody not being themselves no more?

Smooth sailin' on the 808's
What a getaway, I feel the breeze spittin over keys lets me ventilate
Lyricks and I are never timid to try the undone
I don't care where you from, there's no limit to life

I told my friends I wouldn't let this change me
No matter how pretty she is or shiny the chain be
No matter how big the check, wait how big is the check?
I'm kidding, i'm playin JP expect the same me
Track Name: Me 4 Me
Love me for me. is the message i relay to all the chickenheads that's here to play
and do just that. adjust that. you rugrats i know your smell
i'm swimmin in a pond of little fishies and i'm michael phelps
and i embrace the abundance, thank you
but be aware of certain species, they'll shank you
stick to you like leeches, kiss you til you're speechless
attract you with they scent they always smell like fruity shampoo
it's hard to dodge like avengers, do not feel adventurous
a lot of em just want your shell, i've been through it
judge me for me.
i am not the mr. perfect in your mind so are you ready for a meet and greet?
what if i said i couldn't talk cuz i'm busy
could you trust me or blow up every phone like
"where is he? have you heard from mr. mani from philly??
now i know why all these rabbits are silly
please sit girl, you're makin me dizzy
i'm feelin playful, not playschool
sorry if i doubted your maturity, i need to make sure
plaques of accolades and the income
learn to look past the superficial, then you lose some but win one

(chorus translation)
"You Are My SuperStar, The Star of My Whole Life"... it's what you see, not who i am
"Its Hard to Fall in Love, With Someone Like U"...

What do you want from me? i really like you but my life is not yours to keep
since you have a pretty face u think u have an advantage
and it's true you really do but you aint ready for the whole package
surprise you with gifts, and them candlelight dinners
heart to heart talks on the phone girl i'm wit it
i will love you girl love ya love ya til you go bonkers
but don't trip if i gotta leave for a concert
what you expect from an artist?
if you catchin feelings then you clearly can't see what my art is.
i could be gone for weeks. can you hang? but if you really can't trust me then get off of me.
get used to the studio but don't touch nothin
it's tempting when you see so many big bright buttons
look beyond the music and the fans
stop focusing onmanifest and try to see the man
don't get me wrong this aint a diss song
learn to look past the superficial and you'll lose none but win all
Track Name: Nickel & Dime
i'm itchin for the big picture
gettin fidgety not even kiddin, it's so intricate
and if you're interested in what i'm tryin to mention
then you better realize there's a different dimension
that aint about big pimpin

come what may, i will never pivot my position even just a little
never did it for the nickel and dime
wit just a mic i be livin the life, i love it
whether it is here or live on jimmy kimmel
i'm a simple dude, i'll drop a gem on an interlude
pass on an interview, bad move? i don't care
i was never in it to impress but to impact
bring back the fire to the game cuz it kinda changed
i'm a voice to the void it's a choice i enjoy it
you can have all the managers and lawyers
i'm unlike you, my only mission is a cycle
FREsh, we bring the new, you recycle.
exhibiting no limits i'm a killer like riddick
and in a couple minutes diminishin the critics are u wit it?

that will never change, i am here to stay..

rhymes over jazz, let me spazz out
freakin different patterns when i'm at it i'm so agile
anything i touch will be golden
everything that's on your itouch is a manifest folder
done datta, if u thirst then i brought water
walk proper, get a job if u want profit
what artist that you know when they're bombarded
by negativity they giggle and just come harder
no one other than mani i know u know already
the rest will never make the cut like a dull machete
there is no turning back when you in it
let the games begin, and we aint running scrimmage
and it's so typical for the culture to hope for
no vivid lines, more minimized bullshit

what i sing for you, don't forget it too...

easily, but if you wish then you're free to leave
and go on to your make-believes
self opinion don't matter, what does your neighbor see?
ima let my music pray for peace
outlandish tryin to stand out from the standard
i need an advil when i think about the standstill
it's staring right at you
seek truth on a daily basis otherwise what a bad deal

i'm itchin for the big picture
gettin fidgety not even kiddin, it's so intricate
and if you're interested in what i'm tryin to mention
then you better realize there's a different dimension
that aint about big pimpin
Track Name: Popular (ft. Decipher)
However which way i bring it, it's smooth with no ridges
so move, move.. and i'll show you my new improved maneuvers, hello
I'm very barracuda - deep, i'm very freddy kreuger ready to do it (do what?)
come get you in your sleep.
how can he be so uncanny this Mani Mani?
and they try to dismantle this collab wit Danny, but wet they panties
can't you see me, I'm reclining while you're climbin up
crowding up your monitors, forming lines like taco trucks
I'm popular..like Sinatra in the 40's
I'm just knockin down the doors, here to get mines…while you wait in the guest line
I'm so ahead that i caught up right behind ya,
the type to turn wutever into bombs like Mcguyver, boom!
I'm a rapper gone rogue, steppin gladly off road
it's awful bein so bland right? yeah i thought so
let me be the one to shed light on dead life, show u different angles
X-Facta on the track, let's go

*Ask me who I am, must ya? requested for me, did ya?
this one is for the soul, peep the whole picture
(you know me) I'll speak my mind, no one ever does it like I
(you know me) Put the rest aside, I just get better with time

I really need this and so do you, music's therapeutic
influencing you right through it, speakin real talk I'm more than fluent
i'm movin more like fluid, on-going yall know this
touchin all grounds like roaches, you gonna get roasted foo
I'm so potent, ooo i give you motion sickness, never trippin over business
like artists often do
the stress just heightens, so I packed an extra mic and
every single word i Manifest you best Decipher

Decipher Manifest words, understand that if worst
comes to worst, we got a plan for this, first
things first, get X Facta on an MPC
tell him clear his cerebellum, let it empty, breathe
see what an MC see, a lot of them see me
the MVP, of course they're gonna envy me
your friend DC gets busy when you send me beats
so take the .wav and compress it into an mp3
and i'mma give it all I got, I was given not a lot
got me digging out the ditches, now I'm getting to the top
couldn't fit into the box, I was different, I was not
like other chinks, they study, think, while I'm listening to Pac
couldn't piss into a pot, I took what I had to
looking right at you with attitude, you looking like statues
looking back at me, rookies will ask me what it took to get nasty
Hennessy helped, everything else got pushed to the backseat

*Ask me who I am, must ya? requested for me, did ya?
this one is for the soul, peep the whole picture
(you know me) I'll speak my mind, no one ever does it like I
(you know me) Put the rest aside, I just get better with time

See what you saying Mani, See, we became a family
we be the favorites, man, he still Peter, my name still Danny
speak with some flavor, can we? baby, it's bound to work
never seen rappers out this world that's so down to earth
(see, i) found the words, wrap them round the sounds you heard
I get high like pounds of purp, now I'm found around the birds
a profound amount of work goes into what I'm into
butter instrumentals, paper I put the ink to. Hiphop
Track Name: Sunny 808's (ft. Lyricks & DJ Zo)
i wonder if we think alike. quicker than you blink ya eye
(ding) somethin lit a light a little like the thing above the seats in every single flight
airborne, cranky as hell was feelin impolite
looked to the window then i thought - same world, different life

from 30,000 feet high, the cities lookin clean right?
flyin to hawaii cuz we buzzin like a beehive
remember B was like we got a show there, go tell Rick
fast foward now we chillin at the hotel Prince


Are you like me? landing on a island just for rhyming, where the oceans are blue
Of course you not, we chillin in the sunny 808's, we chillin in the sunny 808's
Are you like me? handin a mixtape/ while eating a mix plate cuz he heard it was hot
Of course you not, we chillin in the sunny 808's, we chillin in the sunny 808's

(2nd Verse)
when i analyze this paradise i'm attached like parasites
it's very nice, maybe it's the spam and rice
i learned a smidgen of pidgeon, just to fit wit the system
smitten by the women wasn't even thinkin of swimmin

i was tempted to mentally muymuy,
u kno i'm playin i can't pinpoint what i enjoyed most.
k-nak attackin after zippy's zip pac, the funny chitchats
didnt jump the rock, i shoulda went for it though

Track Name: Don't Sleep (Free verse)
hidden like a buried treasure, under ur very noses
bypassing the preconceived notions gotta get focused
bout to get overwhelming when you know what it is
unlimited portions like an ocean overflowing
now you lookin for someone to dosey-do with

the imminent motion, just learn to receive it don't wanna get toasted
truthfully thicken my bars and make it a little more open for ya
an open foyer, u better get in there's sum'in to show ya
her name is grace, she'll give you the drive like a toyota what?

she was given to us, kindly by someone whos bigger than us
if u dont want it u finna get punted, the truth of the matter we're nothin but dust
fine, i'll slow it down. try to catch the poem's motive
grace is overloaded with everything good like homer's donuts

more than a bonus, i'm tryin to convince you the gift could miss you
but in case you ask, she's kinda like a safety net that can always catch you
don't be lazy, life it can disappear. distractions yeah they can interfere
but i promise, don't be silent, try to be solid - kinda like metal gear

i'm lovin the freedom foreal, with grace i'm never defeated
i want you to get with the party, i'm tryin to get all you to finally breathe
it's not about getting that cheese, that ice or bling that's makin you freeze
grace is a gift, not a girl that u buy pearls but way better, know what i mean?
Track Name: Speechless
i'm an angel wit broken wings, i'm a gate with some openings,
i'm little but a bunch of things, i'm a mess, i'm a crack in the wall
i stand but i happen to fall
i'm a color that stands out but no one ever sees me
no chains but i never walk freely,
scream but i'm mute and i've bit into forbidden fruits
but i smile and i interview easy
i'm scuffed like shoes and i'm faded like jeans
and i'm just like you but a little obscene
my math is flawed and my vision unclear
can i get a little help if ur up there?
see, i had a wall built up but it's crumbling down
i'm tired of the rap game dumbin it down for the masses
i'm comin in blastin, yankin the system all backwards

i, i, know i need to reach out to you, you
already got a hand on me, me
but i'm too distracted man, why can't i see see that
you, you, are the number one source of truth, truth
in any situation so it means we, we
need to believe and be relieved that it always goes back, back

*if there was one thing, that i know i could share wit the world
one remedy, for my friends and my enemies, let it even be the death of me to say
the truth you need to know, for you and me to grow
when i am weak he's strong and it helps me keep on keep on

i'm a man but i act so childish, can't wait so i'm marchin in
i gamble my life all the time like rounders, two-face like i'm harvey dent
what's wrong with my origins i'm jus tryin to be an audible artisan
take a look at what's all within, it's horrible, all is sin
i'm a prodigal tryin to make it home again
i need to be born again, cuz i act too grown
and i think i'm strong but im crushed like a soda can
my shoulders tryin to hold boulders, wonder who loaded this
now i'm caught up in the moment, brought up in a home that was holy
never did i let it control me, naw
but little did i know from before even time began you was moldin me

you fill in all the gaps, and now you rightin the wrongs
so now i'm writin a song that must be heard cuz /it/ aint/ my/ words
see when i take a look at this game, everybody all talkin the same
i'm bringin a change, we need this, and the truth will leave em speechless
Track Name: Numb (interlude)
remember how i used to get, and used to be about us don't ya
remember my daily quotas, never be dancin with the cobras
remember my hunger? i was gluttonous and struttin
stuffin up my stomach lovin it, with crumbs on my upperlip

remember when we talked alot, formal or nonchalant
vocal or vocal chords cut like barbershops
young and less cocky i was, careless if you watch me
this joe was sloppy, underestimated like young spock

remember how much bigger, you really were to me
remember more than makin figures but for you my urgency
while it brings you most glory when in you i'm most satisfied
through the hands of time i saw me slippin but i let it slide

remember my, state of mind, and my former ways
it was like, not from this world that i was born and raised
remember when i felt what you felt, in every situation
sensitivity went on vacation, you know me too well

remember how i used to go to sleep and wakeup
remember before the gadgets when i loved the nature
major now was like the minor then
this old passion's like an old song just fading out

just thinkin bout the past gettin lost in the drums
tell me what's going on, i'm growin up but growin numb
Track Name: Joy Ride
i'll be honest when i first arrived, didn't know what i was after
i wanted popularity more than the souls that i could capture
this is 7 years ago wit a mind state, so young
no myspace, no buzz, but know what? still i chased

the fast life wit a high taste for lots of cheese and luxuries but luckily
i learned pretty quick , it wasn't my cup of tea
holdin it down moldin and sculptin a sound
confident but humble is the way that i go for the crown

couldn't imagine havin real fans, i'm talkin about REAL FANS
til i became the chef and saw the masses with the meal plans
til i went out the state from coast to coast and met my listeners
til i went overseas and saw they knew my songs in switzerland

God respects the heart of those who keep it selfless
if changin lives through music isn't power, then what else is?
when i wanted this, he gave me that and it made me think
cuz when i wanted Him that's when he gave me everything

what, you, want, aint always what you get
you'd be surprised, a lot of things you just can't expect
what, i, know through my experience
u gotta just enjoy the ride...

what, you, want ain't always what you get
you'd be surprised, a lot of things you just can't expect
what, i, know through my experience
is to learn we're free to fly...

I got the type of sound this generation needed and was dyin for
if you say you're married to the mic then why the bridal wars?
I might'a lost a few fans for following a higher cause
but staying parallel is hard as hell, it's all I felt
it's automatic, kinda fell, compromising - trying to gel
never felt this small like a smurf in front of Gargamel
didn't mean to plan it
it's like they added a 't' to a movie title, then i saw 'Snakes on a Planet"
but meanwhile I improvise life like a freestyle
thought I had magic but like Howard, couldn't rebound
I realize I need accountability
not a rowdy crowd around me clouding up my mind, slowly killing me
pray for me all my listeners please I ask of you
I need to be steadfast or else I'm only half the truth
don't wanna be that, I think I need to revamp
and hop into an S, not a mediocre C class
Track Name: Last Breath (ft. Sam Ock)
This one's a lot of things: a message, a prayer
a goodbye, some wishful last words, i wasn't prepared..
i couldn't imagine this happenin, im feelin bad for the family
can't believe it still, and it leaves a chill just thinkin about the past homie
if only i knew sooner, i coulda made it to the funeral
never had the reunion, never got to show you around the studio
what a tragedy man
it was you me and steve, drinkin and burnin in the back of the van
bumpin method man, parked near the sidewalk
the golden years when 2pac and big were the top dogs
a freshmen in high school, durin study time we studied rhymes
through our freestyles you let me know your troubled mind, and we connected
you was a street dude but deep too
u rocked a buddha chain but used to tell me that you seek truth
took you to church the next week dressin GQ
i remember thinkin that if God could meet me, then he could meet you

*If I could walk with you through the shadow of death
pause your life before your last breath, would you
let me be your light? would you
let me be your light?

memories will never be buried, i've accepted this reality
but even my eyes of faith are gettin blurry
man i wish we coulda met up like we planned when we parted ways
damn i shoulda caught a train up cuz now it's all too late
i'm mentally rewinding back, you was the kinda cat
always crackin jokes when i aint tryin to laugh
you showed me ur stab wounds, we talked about tattoos
and we coulda got em together man i always thought that you'd be back soon
fast forward, it was hard when you told me you was movin
jersey was your destination, who knew that death was waitin
i left a couple months later and the split was official
u can think some things will never change but time will get ya
we had some talks about the afterlife
i used to sneak a little truth in the cyphers when you passed the mic
still a lot more i had to say, along the lines of which path to take
but then in 05 you passed away


the tragedy is i will never know of where his soul headed
even so there coulda been a miracle before his death
i'm here crossin my fingers now for my lost friend
life is so fragile... was this God's plan?
if only planting seeds came wit a guarantee
if u are not sure where ur friend went, how can you sleep?
my biggest prayer i will say it now homie
instead of looking up i'm hoping that you're looking down on me
Track Name: Epiphany (ft. Sam Ock)
And the cycle begins.
it's like an epiphany everytime
life is but a snippet, but i know i'm set to shine
i was fourteen when i said my vows
never knew this marriage would get me to carry luggage
to concerts, but i take a bow
thinkin wow when i think about it, wonderin how
every step was crucial and necessary for me to get down
every failure was vital, no mistake was in vain
every flaw was a steppin stone in buildin my title
i was the little kid thats sick at drawin pictures (it was meant to be)
creative, innovative in everything i made (it was meant to be)
never sober always high from expression (it was meant to be)
caught a fetish for just rhyming everyday

*I see it comin together*
freeze framin all the pictures from my past
wanted to grow quick but i was told "not so fast"
i understand it's a process, in makin progress
people and places, love and hate
I see it comin together

the cycle continues, it's like my life is my pen use
experience is serious don't recycle them venues, cmon
perception of self and your mirror image
can be too dependent, can't do that
it's hard to get through that if ur too defensive, for me
people doubted like u really tryin to rap?
when they never saw the wings on my back, look at me now
I fly like gravity defied, like reality denied
superman analogies and now you see the light
given sight to reach the blind,
my purpose unravels, i wrestled wit devils upgraded my levels
it's true i was humbled when i stumbled at times
but now lives are bein changed wit even words that i mumble d-d-damn
everything happens for a reason, so relax and just breathe in (you kno it's meant to be)
and this melody's the blueprint, who's thinkin otherwise?
no ones budgin me

i used to think my life was tedious but my view wasn't 3D yet
switch it up.
my potential never climaxed till i left my multiplex and entered imax
now it's real i'm puttin haters on the bypass
phantom power for the motivation, EQ'ing out any kind of sidetrack
i mean business, dead serious like Zo when he's in the studio usin tools like a pro
i'm untouchable status
findin purpose gives u flexibility like doin multiple backflips
yeah we here to get it, you'll never see me back down
life is like a headlock, the key is not to tap out
i'm sure to reveal it, im here recordin the realest
to give em portable, affordable meals upon the millions
and just when you think it's full circle, it'll hit your mind
the cycle begins.
it's like an epiphany everytime.
Track Name: Cube Runners (ft. JL & Lyricks)
Kickin rhymes when the nightfalls
wid numerous hooligans
tickin time like a time bomb
different mind different lines drawn
arteest.watch me paint you like picture that you might call
flawless tossed in wid the bosses
feelin ballsy, called put your cards all in but you lost it
now all i really need is sum weed and sum MPZs and ill feed til i've crossed it
4,4's for the flossin, buck shots for the ballin
spit for the fallen kicks for the balls in the midst of just all this
just forget what they all spit/cuz its shit when you hold it
anywhere close to mine i define what you supposed to sound like
cuz when you rhyme you supposed to rhyme tight right?
now my sight is aligned and i'm fightin to find light
[pop pop] two shots make ya mind right
bright light no thoughts of the hindsight
cuz ya gone and you lost in the midst of the gift of divine light
or its straight to the hell for you
cuz its J to the muthafuckin L for you
and i spell for you ya defeat so retreat to the trees as i blaze this L for you
theres no help for you theres really isn't nothing else left for you
you really need to try to get a set of tools
and get a doctor to get you some medical
or get caught wid ya head in a bed of the stool
i just stop cuz im gonna be the better dude on a pedestle
gettin rid of you cuz you pitiful
and i'm not so just let us through

2 double 0 9 is so mine.
here we got a goldmine, getting every listener to get up on the co-sign
oh my.
why they tryin to step in wit a bad foot,
that's a bad look when they fold like a macbook
back wit a paul pak beat, and a raw rapsheet that'll get the game back on its feet
and it's happenin so fast we be the one vaccine for the weak, and we eager to please
murf you all.
my words gonna burn all your perfume off
and in turn ima let em see the hidden you
let em get a better view but then again i know that everybody been offendin you already foo
no one in the corner got a swagger like moi
if you been a listener then you would recognize why
mani, mani, fest, fest, better than the rest yes
even when i'm spitting quick i'm takin my time
i've mastered the art
i be comin off hard like crashin a car
and you all fall when i'm smackin you all, and u crackin your jaw
paul pak in a song is crack, wanna snort that? sort that
i can tell ur fake like ur borat
back in the day used to slang with the mallrats, my cd's
wakin up the neighborhood kinda like a grande latte see
i'm caffeine, you're nyquil
you be putting me to sleep, thats how i feel
yo when i rock shows gotta make sure everyone participates just like fire drills
it's so automatic and i'm dope when i'm at it
and no it aint a joke and ur hopes getting shattered
what you really want from a pro dawg
cuz you never gonna make this roll call
it's plain to see i can do what you do BUT WISER like a bullfrog

but it's okay! i'm at the studio or pho sate.
and i don't care what these robots say.
i don't know that game. they are *all the same*
i don't play that game... yo you could never SEE me! no never....
my endeavor is way over your mini episode
of getting better and rockin shows, i been did it...
you could leave a mark in the game, i dented it.
i offended em, like em did it. no end to it, like a pendulum
i swing to it, i been through it. when did you / ever visu / alize/
that we can do, what we do in our lives... never! grown bitter,
no neighborhood spitter, cypher... life was lil different..
no culture.. but i got you.. cuz i'm building...
i'm a pioneer, the new pilgrim.
you just spit right?! i'm filming!
another perspective touch of realness.
my crew is blessed with true gifting.
i just make movies to prove whos different?
youth listens. you trippin.
i ripped it. you addicted.
i flipped it. you wish that you did it.
but if you did it, i will take you to the moon with it.
losin' it, with the constipated CUBERUNNERS.
i would die for Lyricks, how much do you want it!?
waddle around the game with a FULL stomach...
you don't even rhyme sick! (shoes got the cool colors)
man i raped this beat... with like my two brothers this is
why lyrically i believe that i rule others...
man we MURFED this beat...with my two brothers which is
why lyrically i believe that we rule others...
Track Name: Level 9
here's a heavy launch sequence, the impact is homerun
grind behind the scenes late night when there is no sun
solidify the brittle, i liquidize the hardest
your views a little skewed but for me i see the harvest
this is level 9 writin, several times severed ties
burning bad bridges got the devil's side frightened
too many limelighters, rhyme biters, this is non biased
one touch they make it sweet like john midas
call me the game riddler, brain wrinkler
flood you while the lame are rain sprinklers, stray from plain thinkin
vessel of light, best friends with the pen and the mic
i'm here to teach you to EQ the decibels right
c'mon chop chop i'm top notch u verbal cockblocks
gimme daps when i snap like poprocks
i'm a table overturner, put record labels over burners
i slow reverse em in person to show i'm so determined

take a look around, no one even comes close
mani go hard, can you drop it once more

strength beyond measure only in surrender
who contends in my dimension, not them they'll never mix with my blend
my flow is always fully encoded, when you decode the info
you find your nemo, then i watch the seeds grow
playback is definite so listen with your good ear
a good year is evident, don't tire out like goodyear
the proof is here, fleshed out woven like a textile
i possess the best style, they fakin with they chest out
yeah i reached the next cloud, pumpin out the fresh sound
basically an exile but that's how i get down
it's hard to keep a headcount, but fans i never let down
mess around and get pounded, lookin like a damn flounder
no way around it, these muts will always trot along
save your mind now so you don't worry when your body's gone
u gots to be the ride or dying kind when you outta time
this is level 9, nobody can sharingan
Track Name: What You Like (ft. Elle, Dren, & J-Smaals)
this one's about the women, from here to overseas
i must admit y'all beautiful, i i do believe
i used to crush on Mya, the perfect cute and sexy
plus a singing chick, her signature thighs i do admire

the mix is so exotic, looking automatic naughty
she gotta know how to party, caught a fetish for the swiss chick
well mannered, on top of the fashion game
them european girls, i wanna know your names

yo i love it when their hair flows down, who's next?
put it all on black in roulette for brunettes
naturally attracted to the asians the most
shake n baking a roast and you'll be makin me boast, i promise

can't forget the sisters, the sexy caramel
they got the soul and now you know why we be parallel
bottom line is all you women, i hope you see
i must admit if you was gone i, i couldn't breathe
Track Name: The Balance
i don't mean to speak so deep, but this beat told me that i gotta show love
to the ones that listen, so listen this more than a kiss and a hug
u know without u i'm nothing, even in the thousands or dozen
take away the fancy production, u the only reason i'm buzzing uh huh
this level of thankfulness is way too heavy to carry
i think of you daily, east to the west and it's stretchin from philly to cali
got swiss on my mind, though i've been away
when it rains i recall sunny 808's
every handshake, interaction, every fan pic's everlasting
fuel to the fire, and i fill up every pit stop… yall are far too kind to my inbox
manifest is alive cuz of yall, what a blessin that we both speak hiphop
and your words of encouragement stays a while cuz it's permanent
sometimes i don't know if i'm doin it right, then i see your feedback confirming it

for the fans i get down, down
cuz of y'all never back down, down
and i thank you
you show me love, i throw more right back at you

for the fans i get down, down
when you play my songs out loud
gotta thank you
you show me love, i throw more right back at you

i'm feeling your energy, learning humility now
u make ya boy feel like i made it, sorta major
they see the big pot and i'm turning over aces
what more can i say (say) if i never had yall i wouldn't be the same
and numbers dont matter as long as the customer's happy
when they put they trust in m-mani, u would think the pressure gets heavy but naw
u make me get better, and i'm grateful that you would let me
u see i'm a sucka for challenge, u can say i over-achieve
puttin out the dopest you'll ever hear, u can just call it the balance
yall keep me goin.
Track Name: Ask Myself (ft. Lyricks & Sam Ock)
i can't say that i love you, no evidence to prove it
the fire's faded out but tiny sparks is what i'm makin now
i'm foolish, a modern judas, i'm a pro rebel
each time i choose to sin that's my 30 silver shekels

strip the glits and glamour
no need for fancy grammar
i miss the love i used to have, the title on his banner, i'm a rambler
a tongue with no discipline
poison i sip it in, and wield no shield so i get trampled on

my life's a babylon i travel on
how did you become 2nd place to merely havin fun
this life is fleeting, gone in the blink of an eye
we know we need you. and with this song i'm thinking it's time

i do a heart check, a perfect life is farfetched
i tend to wander off a lot and go on star treks
i need the architect's help cuz in the past i fell
i want to have a sure answer when i ask myself