"Revealed" II (2008)

by Manifest

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released May 16, 2008



all rights reserved


Manifest Centreville, Virginia

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Track Name: Movie Star
"Movie Star"

yo the moment is now, time to get it now or never
it's finally in arms reach, solid like its concrete
i used to dream about this as a kid but now it's actually happenin
sat around waitin now it's time to get up
i put my hands together like so, for this endeavor
givin it up and recognizing it's not me in control
i feel it deep in my soul, that he's redeemin my soul
so every word became my weapon never needed that beretta 9
my sixteens became my M-16's,
i let the pen ink leak to reach the weak, can u feel me?
i can walk on water, even run if i wanted
cuz it's all about the one you walkin towards man i promise
i take my gift and makeshift it, i may shift it again
cuz in the end the goal is to eliminate distance
what is life witout risk, when u given a chance u betta snatch it up quick, don't blink

*i say, if hiphop is the gift that i'm(ur) given
i say, hiphop is the life that i'm(ur) livin
it's a 100 percent, no turning back
i've(u) been waitin for my(ur) chance but i see it now
let's live.

i'm a no one reachin out to everyone
thinkin back to '01 tryin to get my flow on point
i said no more at one point, but nothin else to hold on to
then my calling seemed clear and made a bold choice
history's a rated R movie still running
some characters just hate it, others like it or they love it
as days pass, scenes constantly change direction
some are lucky. i heard they get to meet the real director
the day came i met him and the plot started changin
my character was different and my script was rearranged
switched movie genres from a boring one to action
total satisfaction in the passion that he gave
he has plans to change the role of every character
the lost finds purpose, the blind finds sight. it's a matter of
trust and acceptance when you finally get to meet him, it's key
now it brings us back to the current scene
Track Name: This Arrow (ft. DJ Zo)
"This Arrow"

You know your boy ain't sittin out on a beat by P to the Peez
Manifest got heat for the fiends
better yet, put it down on wax I'll sing for the bees
I mean watch out do not get stung
I mean, how the hell can you not get stung?
I mean, hiphop is back in a new form
I'm a newborn, what's poppin son?
I'm at a level up above like opposite the devil
My letters embossed and beveled, I'm the rap rebel (aight)
catch me eye level, never
question, why settle?
g-g-gotta give a shout to the fam
you know we never side steppin (aight)

Check 1 (now that i got your ears pay close attention)
Check 2 (it's true you can't escape a blessin)
Now it's check 3 (can't you see that my path is narrow?)
I'm droppin the old me, out with the old me
In with the new, can't stop this arrow

I wanna fly to the ends of the earth and back
I wanna see the world beneath my feet
it keeps on spinning round, round, round
And when I die, let the music keep movin and improvin
and not through just a few, but the truth shall be the
sound, sound, sound

My songs ain't songs in vain
I write for the lost and fight for the cause
that my mic might cause a chain reaction
it's all in the plan, it can't just happen
walkin the path and i never look back, who lights my way?
And the nights are light as day
you can join the rest but I think I just might stay
Even though the world ain't safe I know I have protection
I live by faith and not by sight, take it as my main suggestion now
Take me for example, what you see shouldn't be a rapper
Instead a chosen weapon to leave your flesh in shambles

(I don't do this for the glory I don't do this for the fame
I only do this for the name that is before me)
Track Name: Final Attempt (ft. Lyricks)
"Final Attempt" featuring Lyricks

(verse 1)
have you ever felt there was somethin stuck in your chest
a burden that was never lifted like a thorn in your flesh
it's my moment of clarity my time to speak out
in all honesty i'll drop my damn pride for this so listen

its been only 2 years since we met, it feels ancient
we did our first collab and it still gets rotation
the real gift was the new alliance i aint lyin
no friendship is for granted, though sometimes it starts dyin

mid 2006 i took you out ur hibernation
fed you motivation. you seemed dedicated then
pumpin out tracks like a factory remember?
you helped build my mixtape, songlist was thick like milkshakes

on the real had some real ass conversations, i miss em
it takes a lot for me to say this
i admired your talent son, and passion i was glad you found it
but now i wonder where that same passion went

*it's too big, brother for the small things to mean somethin
where u at, where u been, when u comin back?
met through hiphop, used to drop gems
still a part of the camp so dont ever stop man

---(verse 2 - Lyricks verse)------

(verse 3)
i can say you let me down a lot
backed out a lot of promised shows and you showed that you wouldn't grow
the last one in june i wasn't really mad
but you wasn't man enough to ask me how it went, i was sad

no homo, no choice but to cut you off
you slowed me down and ur work ethics pissed me off
but this is me releasin steam about loyalty
why leave a brother hangin never even gave a call

at one point i swear we shared the same goal
the same dream and its why we was on the same team
i know God has put a seed in you
for that reason itself i can't ever let myself regret meetin you

but this my final attempt to tell you that you got it
we only live once, we been sittin in the cockpit, ready to fly
yo i'm ready to die for
makin that great music that all these fans die for.