All the Same (featuring C​.​Note)

by Manifest

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Produced by NovaJazz (
Mastered by Andrew Ha (
Hook/Chorus composed/arranged by C.Note



Some only see a godly influence, let's get into it
often times we hear about this girl or guy we influenced
came wit a cause, just didn't know how we would do it
I never blend in, i got a different sound I'm pursuing
my faith? in the eyes of the world, a light fading
but i write fuego with the likes of a light saber
it took a little while to understand this high wager
see, you and i have different definitions of "I made it"
pardon me, but let me ask you something
cuz a lot of cats they've been acting funny
so do you do it for the love or the guap or the love of the guap?
that's not it man, i'm like IP Man and you my practice dummy
no i don't got pity
if you not winning, man you didn't do it 확시리
no you're not ready, you just
adopted an image up at urban outfitter
allow me to make it right and clip you like it's lob city

I've seen it all, we've come a long way
It ain't hard to tell you in the wrong lane

it's kinda obvious they're feeding you lies
I see the blind they be leading the blind, that's never good

I need to know, when will it all change?
I'm not feeling y'all, it's sound all the same

it's everywhere, ain't no point in denying
you know i'd rather stop eating and just call it a diet


I decorate the time with a simple stroke of my pen
All the people I met to the places I been
Perforated sneakers to feel 'em sneak in the wind
You gotta keep it breezy when feeling a need to vent
Opposite composite, my composition is opposite the popular concoctions you copy off of a box, jocker.
Bargain shoppin', never been about the Pop hoppin'
Mom taught me to rise UP and divide profit
God founded and hand crafted, that much is fact
What goods a gift if the gift received isn't given back?
Spit the facts while I hit a jack sittin back I picture that scribbling raps without the thinkin cap
I came further than I ever could imagine though
stayed humble but knuckled up when I had to bro
Let loose on loose leaf and let the the truth speak
tightened up the bars and never took it loosely


You find it mad symbolic
I like chaos but i'm organized like jackson pollock
I'm hella polished but at times i'm like "i should re-do that"
really, i should re-do that
a thousand ways to shut these haters up but how should we do that
I need a challenge bro i haven't been impressed in years
while y'all impressed by some lesser tiers, oh no
God bless your souls and nothin less
I'da made it even worse if i ain't let you know


Bro. Go ahead and let em know (imma let em know)
A lost soul to founded by the one and only
No need say for cliches but please stay
For the moments holy and holy after you replay
In the Word of life I remain, I needed
A reminder every time I lost drive like keychains
And just like it I dangled by single threads
So it seemed that the dough I thought needed was a different bread


released June 18, 2015
Artwork by Vince Chang (
And Mina Chung



all rights reserved


Manifest Centreville, Virginia

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