Let God (featuring C​-​Note)

by Manifest

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"Let God" by C-Note & Manifest

*I feel like I should let go and let God
you heard it before right? that God can make your soul right?
I feel like I should let go and let God
you heard it before right? that God can make your soul right?

I feel like i should let go and let God
you heard it before right? that God can make your soul right
I agree. Me too. So am i preaching to a dying breed?
My brother told me to submit to find peace
Dually noted, the truth? and I mean the REAL truth
I used to work it now I seem to find it in my rear view
Back to the old ways I said that I was done with it
Now I'm back to what I said no longer had no fun in it
Some of the youth, they funny to you.
Summon the truth! I pray the youth face the evil,
they'll be runnin to you!
Need not to spell it out, "G" for the G that he is though
We can OverDose solely on his "wisdome"
Placing God across our chestbone, "WWJD"?
Instead of asking him, we turn and ask our wristbone
We got it twisted, we don't worship a tangible God
it's a relational body of Christ who ALWAYS wanted you


I never fully understood what it meant to let God
until i met God on a daily basis like a deskjob
prevent doubt, ask for revelations at a rest stop
put wisdom first, when people talkin 'let's go' say 'let's not'
I get the munchies for crunchy snares, the hunger's there
but rarely do i crave the word, excuse is "yo i'm late for work"
vacate to a place that i label a safe haven
unable to waiver my sins that i take to the grave later
wavin the white flag after when i'm thinking i overdid it
hopin he aint forfeited my soul when i left a minute
a speck of dust in the breeze is what i am if
I refuse the gift of grace, yo this walk aint just a pamphlet
I look around and see slaves claiming they're free
shackles bound to the feet, their lives bound for defeat
it's a marathon, not a single race since adolescence
so find your way out of your false dreams like bad inceptions


I'm leaning over to less meaning when I'm mediocre
What's needed are leaders to test me when I'm blaspheming
I'm in the danger zone when life is getting comfortable
I can't believe it, I was at the same spot last season.
So peep the irony: true strength is inside of me
a lot of me's weak, a lot of us speak with anxiety
and there's a bigger part of me that wants to live for me
I need that food for my soul, show me the recipe

Good news next to me feel like God is callin me
I was never upstanding, best of me was always "HE"
Feeding me nightly, I'm fighting the demons inside of me
I want to be that major, but feel more like a minor key
Might you be the one like Bruce? Testing God to smite you?
but mind you He invites you to be part of a tight crew!
If I were you I'd listen instead of being all defensive
the missing mystery in God is in Heaven. Let us remind you


released May 9, 2011
"Arabian Crime" by Nefarious



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Manifest Centreville, Virginia

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