Testify (Nujabes Tribute)

by Manifest

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paint it like a fresco, started with a sketch
a little careful like a bed of nails before me and i'm barefooted, forget it
it's jetmode or deathstroke - picture of my life
so i drew it well, even if i bled so
but time's a funny thing, i blink and it's a different world
forget the narrow path oops they say they missed the turn
less and less credit to the one who did it first
instead of earth, they praise the maker of the twitterverse
the more important things they fade away, we brush it off like "my bad"
life is slowly bypassed, too busy on our ipads
and ignorance is bliss, the sense of time is lost in this way
when they ask about my age i tell em "three mixtapes"
touche, we can watch our movies now in blue-ray
the quality of rap diminished ever since 2K, am i wrong?
sometimes i wonder if i gave it all i got
would i shine or redirect the world's attention back to God
it's the watered-down era, the industry is blinded but this blindness is contagious
lopsided like the way that it made us, it's time to move
we makin a mark but only tiny grooves, split the thing open we gotta take it by the root c'mon
i'm still pushin, a part of me wants the big money
but not like others fiending it day and night like kid cudi
but it's flooded with fists bloody, it gets ugly
the hit's stunning, but a big stomach's your best buddy
so being hungry's good, don't let the fire die
freedom is you doin you when you're misunderstood, you know
who needed swag to be dope, it's just a cover half these rappers have
that's never lasting long just like a hackysack
these bars are reflections, it's getting dark
i think i need an ark as a nautical vessel called to the rescue, to bless you
legends never die, rest in peace to one of the greatest innovators nujabes
i had to testify.


released May 1, 2011
beat from Nujabes - "Luv Sic (Pt. 2)"



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Manifest Centreville, Virginia

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